第8回支倉セミナー "To Live and Die in the Anthropocene: politics in times of climate change"

日時 2019.8.2 14:40~16:10
場所 文学研究科棟1階133講義室MAP
主催 日本学国際共同大学院
Dr. Gerard van der Ree is an assistant professor at University College Utrecht (Netherlands). His field of expertise is International Relations (IR) theory and comparative methodology, interdisciplinarity, philosophy of science, and Latin American Studies.  He currently works on issues regarding phenomenology, epistemology and reflexivity in IR.
The time that humans can treat nature merely as a framework for their activities has passed. Nature is saying ‘no’ to our collective actions. And in saying ‘no’, nature has become an actor. A political actor.
If humanity wants to survive the 21st century, we will have to learn how to co-inhabit our planet in a ‘multi-species muddle’. This means that we have to re-conceive who we are, what nature is, and what politics and economics look like. Based on the work of, amongst others, Latour, Haraway, Kohn, and Scranton, this lecture will explore pathways for doing so.