第3回支倉セミナー"Life as a Work of Art: A phenomenology of wonder"

日時 2019.1.10(木)15:00~17:00
場所 東北大学大学院文学研究科2階208講義室MAP
主催 東北大学 日本学国際共同大学院
Dr. Gerard van der Ree is an assistant professor at University College Utrecht (Netherlands). His field of expertise is International Relations (IR) theory and comparative methodology, interdisciplinarity, philosophy of science, and Latin American Studies.  He currently works on issues regarding phenomenology, epistemology and reflexivity in IR.
We often experience everyday life as a kind of 'flatland', in which things are useful and practical, but also come with a lack of meaning and depth. Sometimes, however, we experience moments of 'wonder', in which things are invested with a sense of depth and meaning that seemed absent before. This lecture will explore the ways in which these two states of being in the world (I call them flatland and wonderland) relate to one another, and how we might connect them more closely in everyday life.