The 7th Hasekura Seminar "The Cinematic Portrait According to Chris Marker:A Reading of A.K.(C.Marker, 1985)"

Date July 11, 2019 16:30~19:45
Place Room 317, Graduate School of Arts and Letters BuildingMAP
Host International Graduate Program in Japanese Studies
Gianluca Pulsoni (Cornell University, Film analyst)
In this lecture, my intent is that of proposing a reading of Chris Marker's film, A.K. (1985), which depicts the shooting of Akira Kurosawa's masterpiece, Ran (1985), by analyzing the idea of portrait Marker's work conveys. There will be two layers of meaning into play.
Firstly, I will propose an introduction about the French filmmaker's relationship with Japan to provide the cultural context of his view on the Japanese movie.Secondly, my attention will go to the aesthetics embedded within the project, in connection with Deleuze's film theory and the general lack of specific scholarly literature about the cinematic portraiture. Here, I will suggest looking at Marker's use of some film essay's codes as a way to highlight his attempt to turn the ‘depiction’ of Ran's set into a narrative around some kanji, in which the initial letters of the Japanese master seem to form that impossible kanji which may hold and evoke all the others.
I will entirely base my discourse on slides. Some of them will showcase notes, pictures, and short clips from Marker's works.
Gianluca Pulsoni holds an MA in Cultural Anthropology from the University La Sapienza in Rome, and he is currently a Ph. D. student in Romance Studies at Cornell University where he is teaching Italian as a Teaching Assistant. He is also serving as one of the assistant editors of "Italian Culture," the American Association for Italian Studies' journal. Gianluca has experience working with digital companies and publishing houses as editor and translator, and he is a contributing writer to Flash Art and the Italian newspaper, Il manifesto -- its arts&entertainement pages and its weekly, Alias.