Education ProgramCurriculum

※Students also select 2 courses outside their field of specialization along with the core and practical courses

Curriculum Details

  • Methodology
    Education in the Japanese viewpoint and methodology

    Students study the unique viewpoints and methodology of Japan and the Japanese, which differs from that of people in the West. They use that viewpoint and methodology to develop a way of thinking that enables them to solve the issues facing the world.

  • Lectures by overseas academics
    Education in the Western viewpoint and methodology

    In order to study the similarities and differences between Western viewpoints and methodology, and those of Japan and the Japanese, original research will be conducted with lectures from academics from affiliated universities.

  • Overseas coursework
    Education in the Western viewpoint and methodology

    Overseas training lasting six months or more is conducted to form an academic network to approach common issues, and make students aware of their position as researchers.

  • Representation CC
    Empathy CC
    Material CC
    Two subjects in addition to the specialist field are mandatory.
    (Fostering human resources with deep specialist knowledge and wide-ranging knowledge)

    Students take lectures in areas outside their specialist fields to discover issues, with a broad outlook and sense of modernity. They will acquire subtle sensitivity and flexibility of thought to solve the issues.

  • Communication
    Acquire the ability to debate in English and Japanese

    Japanese students study English, and overseas students study Japanese. Students acquire the ability to communicate and debate, so they can give their opinions to, and debate with, others.

  • International Workshops /
    International Conferences
    Education to develop presentation skills and the ability to promote research to the world

    Students participate in international workshops and conferences and develop the presentation skills necessary to proactively present their research and opinions to the world.

  • Thesis

    Students write a degree thesis in the international program under the guidance of world-class academics